To kick start my chameleon necklace, a proportion would be "made to order". The advantage is you can order to suit your colour choice i.e. what colour palette do you normally wear. Secondly if you are beautifully bestowed with a swan like neck, you can request for shorter lengths. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery for "made to order". Certain stones have to be globally sourced for its unique feature and colour. So please be patient.

I'm also featuring my sterling silver necklace in conjunction with my chameleon necklace. This necklace is in solid sterling silver and made to my specification. As you can see, pendants used in the chameleon necklace can be interchanged with silver necklace

Being a visionary for innovative 21st century jewellery creating effortless eye-catching designs, I think outside the box. My approach to design pushes the boundaries of the unconventional with a highly innovative end result.

As we embark on this journey together, please be assured that I am also here to listen, adjust, replace and address any issues that may crop up.