September & October 2015 Highlights


6th - 8th September 2015

Trade Fair of the Jewellery World in London. Busy buying with select suppliers.

12th - 13th September

2015 Royal College of Art Fair.

14th September 2015

Mulan Foundation networking pre launch drinks party at London Capital Club.

21st September 2015

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival at Bright Courtyard. Delicious food always with Elivis Presley look alike singer. Donated a necklace for the Chinese Welfare Trust.

25th September 2015.

Attended an operatic evening at the Bahamas High Commission in Mayfair.

30th September 2015

I was invited to participate at the Lord Mayor of London city of giving. Met a lot of interesting people at the event.

14th October 2015

I was invited to dinner as guest of Lai Mei Sim at the British Malaysian Society black tie dinner in Inner Temple.

15th October 2015

Attended the show of Russian artist Nina Krylova at the Beacham Estate in Mayfair.

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