Highlights for February 2020


2nd February 2020

Chinese New Year Champagne reception and Dim Sum Luncheon at Bright Courtyard restaurant in their private rooms. We had 22 people in total. Lady Xuelin Bates gave a short talk about her husband's (Lord Bates) walks (internationally) to fund raise for different charities. She donated two of his books. My friend Mrs Dunhill just returned from Les Vegas the day before and fresh as a daisy with no sign of jet lag. She enjoyed the luncheon and especially the company together with her son Mark and daughter-in-law Catriona. Even David Pogson managed to tell the guests of the re-branding of the Royal Variety and the help they extended to retired artists of the theatre and the film world. Grace Bian also gave a short talk about her forthcoming Bio Bank which emphasise the use of stem cells. Apparently stem cell treatment are the next big thing. I guess it quite sci-fi at the moment but we must put aside our scepticism and try and embrace the possibility. Thank you also to Anjana (MD of St James Hotel and club) for her short but sweet classical Indian dance.

All in all a very enjoyable luncheon with an eclectic mix of guests who enjoyed each others company.

3rd February 2020

Another Chinese New Year celebration of the British Malaysian Society at the same venue. The luncheon was graced by Dato Mohammad Faiz Asmi,CEO of Price Waterhouse Malaysia, who just arrived from Malaysia. He kindly hosted all the London Business delegates at the Petronas private dining club when we were there in January 2019

9th February 2020

Great news at the Film Oscars for the Korean film "Parasite". Four Oscars were awarded to Bong Joon Ho. Very generous of the Oscar panel to come away from their comfort zone. As Prince William said in his recent speech at the BAFTA ceremony we much encourage diversity.

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