Highlights for January 2020


1st January 2020

A new year, a new decade. Full of hope and aspirations for things to come.
A kind soul sent met this: Fearful uses the mind, Fearless uses the heart. This would be my new year mantra

Went into London for the New Year's day parade. Quite fun to watch international participants.

14th January 2020

Had a fantastic dinner at the St James Hotel and club in Mayfair. A Michelin starred restaurant. Each course was paired with a wine to compliment the food. The service was great too. Thank you so much, Anjana who is the MD of the club. Two fellow guests were Selma Day and Grace Bian. They were equally impressed

17th January 2020

The 60th Annual Exhibition of the Law Society. Speech by Edwin Coe LLP. His company linked with the mega Battersea project

25th January 2020

Today is Chinese New Year. May I wish my Oriental clients, friends and strangers (strangers are friend you have not met) a Happy New Year or as they say in Chinese "Kong Hei Fatt Choy"

30th January 2020

I was a guest at The Institute of Directors Chinese New Year dinner at Bright Courtyard restaurant. My auction necklace (contemporary style) fetched £450. There was the usual lion dance and a special dance of this man changing the "face" every few minutes. It was like magic. Apparently this art is very very skilful and not many people can do it. A very enjoyable evening

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