Highlights for July 2020


6thJuly 2020

Today is the first Monday when the Covid19 lockdown is slightly eased. In these challenging times, my thoughts are with you. Let us look to the future. Let us dream a better and bigger tomorrow. One person who has emerged a big hero in this global catastrophe is Captain Thomas Moore. Just days before his 100th birthday he raised nearly £30 million for the National Health Service. Nobody in their wildest dreams can imagine the phenomenon could happen, least of all Captain Thomas Moore. This act of love has worked through the visible and invisible forces of the universe bringing what he deserves to him. Using circumstances, events and people to deliver what he wanted in order to raise money for a worthy cause. This is truly the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
Last but not least to quote her Majesty Queen Elizabeth "The pride in who we are is not a part of our past, it defines our present and our future"

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