Highlights for June 2018

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Attended John Ray's birthday party. A grand affair and met many of his and Jacqui's friends. Jacqui and Ray did a superb job in organising the whole event. It was very memorable indeed. A very happy birthday to Ray
Picture of Sally, Jacqui and Pauline at John Ray's birthday party.

5th June 2018

48 Club dinner at Bright Courtyard restaurant

9th June 2018

A big birthday party at John Ray's mansion. The hundred over guests were dressed to the ninth's.
The marquee was decked with beautify flowers and exquisitely arranged. Food was amazing. Big prawns and scallops
and even bigger lobsters, one for every guest. The band played till the early hours of the morning.

17th June 2018

Hari Raya celebration event at Cobham, Surrey

18th June 2018

Invited by Dr Ayeshah for lunch. A belated celebration at Brunei House. The food was yummy. Even the chef came out to say hello to us

20th June 2018

Attended the Lord Mayor's Black Tie dinner at Mansion House

21st June 2018

Attended the AGM of British Malaysian Society at the Oriental Club

28th June 2018

Had an invite to the Masterpiece Collection in Chelsea. Wonderful pieces of art

29 June 2018

Had lunch with members of the City Livery Club at the Oriental Club

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