Highlights for June 2017


7th June 2017

Showing at the Awards winning private club DSTRKT organised by Luxury Network Marketing Izabel Calik. My first catwalk promoting my Chameleon Necklace. Senior Bank of England adviser Tangy Morgan came to support me and bought my Chameleon iconic clasp to start her collection. The next VIP was Matt Walker with his lovely Malaysian wife Amelia. Matt is deputy head of International Trade from Whitehall.

16th June 2017

City Women Livery lunch at the London Capital Club

18th June 2017

My first Spring Luncheon fund raising for Alzheimer's Society charity in memory of a dear friend, Richard Dunhill. Great support from Datuk Alexandra Chin from Sabah, Malaysia. Christopher Dunhill, the number one son of the Dunhill family brought his Harley Street friend, Dr Gabriela who is the rejuvenating guru. Her approach to face lift is effective and non invasive. Her lotion and portions can make you look 10 years younger. Amazing. Also honoured by the presence of Matt Walker from Whitehall with his lovely Malaysian wife Amelia

20th June 2017

Attended a dear friend, Gillian Mosely's, 50th birthday bash at the Play Boy club in Park Lane. She hired the whole ground floor. Fantastic head throbbing music. Even the furniture vibrated to the beat of the music!

25th June 2017

Dinner with Rebecca Choo aka Mrs Jimmy Choo and Emily Choo who was making a whistle stop in London flying in from San Francisco.

29th June 2017

This was an exciting day. I had lunch at the residence of the Ambassador of China with his wife Madam Hui. She was showcasing two Chinese fashion designers. I love the way the Chinese Cheong Sum is given a modern twist. Good for Black Tie events.
In the evening my husband and I were guests for the Gladys Knight show at the Royal Albert Hall. Mrs Pat Dunhill ordered champagne for all her guests at the box. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Ended on a high note meeting Gladys Knight and her husband William back stage after the show.

30th June 2017

Spent a whole day at the Masterpiece London show in Chelsea. Even managed to take a photo with jeweller Wallace Chan from China. His designs are bold and exquisite. Not to mention eye watering expensive!

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