Highlights from March 2017


7th March 2017

International Women's Day (IWD). A celebration with three organisations. Mulan Foundation Network, PAWA and Institute of Directors at Bright Courtyard Club Restaurant

13th March 2017

Masterclasss of Public speaking at London Capital Club with Fortis Consulting conducted by David Stringer-Lamarre. A very good speaker himself.

14th March 2017

On 14th March 2017 my husband and I together with Mei Sim Lai were invited to lunch by Baroness Sue Garden at the House of Lords.

We were given a tour round the House of Lords and also sat in for a short period as observers during the Lords question time.

17th March 2017

Attended talk at the Nehru Centre

29th March 2017

Luxury Networking Event at the private club Mahiki in Mayfair. My friend's grand daughter Tiffany Dunhill is the event organiser there