Highlights for October 2018

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During my visit to Kensington Palace, we were taken to the chapel in Kensington Place. This was where many regal weddings took place in days gone bay

14 October 2018

Mrs Eurasia International Beauty Pageant
Today I attended a beauty pageant. I was approached by a friend, Nuraiza (founder of Mrs Eurasia International) for my necklace collection for her beauty queens. I was a bit hesitant at first not knowing what to expect. However as she is a good friend, I went ahead on trust. The ceremony was a great success and all the necklaces were beautifully adorned. No damage and no missing pieces. And the beauty queens loved my necklaces. A good experience.

3rd October 2018

visit to Kensington Palace
Definitely moving in the rarified air of Royal connection. What next I wonder. As guests we were even taken
to the private chapel where many of the regal weddings were conducted in days gone by

1st October 2018

Chinese Welfare Trust dinner
Dinner at Bright Courtyard restaurant. As usual delicious Chinese banquet and well attended

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