Highlights for January 2019


Happy New Year everyone

My husband and I attended the New Year Day's parade in London. He even managed to bump into the
Life Peer, Lord Michael Bates who was with his Chinese wife. They even posed for him for some photographs

3rd January 2019

Bridge with afternoon tea at the Lambourne Golf club

Fund raising for Cancer research and Alzheimer's. Guest of Keith Ashley, father of Mike Ashley.
In the evening had drinks at the Institute of Directors and met delegates who are going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
in mid January as part of the trade delegation from the British Malaysian Society.

11th January 2019

My husband and I are off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the British Malaysian Business delegation organised by Ms Lai Mei Sim.
Arrived on schedule in Kuala Lumpur and checked in at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a 5 star luxury hotel. Pulled the right strings with
Martin Barrow who managed to get the delegates a special corporate rate. It is always good to have a taste of how the other half lives.
It gives a push to having a reason to succeed.
The few days in Kuala Lumpur with the delegates were exhaustingly positive. Loads of contacts were made at a very high level. Not to
mention being wined and dined at certain special events.
In Kuala Lumpur we managed to touch base with relatives and friends. Especially the 20 strong Victoria Institution alumni of my husband
who hosted a sea food 10 course dinner with us. Many thanks to Khoo Khee Ming, Khoo Suat Pheng and Ho Kah Phoong et al.

21st January 2019

A short stay in Singapore from Kuala Lumpur was a must. visited the famous Marina Bay Hotel. We had tea over looking the infinity
pool with beautifully executed morsel and eastern food with a twist. The four seasons hotel was just a stones throw from our hotel so we
we had a look of the splendour of this group of hotels

23rd January 2019

Back in London and the cold weather. Cold but fresh and healthy after all the heat and humidity of the far east

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