Cultural significance of Jade

"Fifty shades of jade: Why Chinese buyers spend millions on this stone"

Came across this interesting article about Jade on the CNN style section dated 27th Sept 2016.

An extract from the article reads:

"Jade is revered in China, with a cultural significance that dates back thousands of years and a value that was cemented by China's Qing dynasty emperors, who prized it for its purity. But as China's rising wealth sees demand for jade jewellery grow, and supply out of Myanmar dwindles, prices for jade have risen exponentially, sparking a change in the styles preferred by Chinese buyers, and attracting a new group of Western admirers".

"With China opening up in the past decades, we have seen a new wave of collectors to the market. The auction market for jadeite has grown tremendously in the past

10 years" explains Chin Yeow Quek, the chairman of international jewellery at Sotheby's in Asia.

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