Highlights for September 2017

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The Waterside Inn in Bray

2nd September 2017

Had lunch at the famous Waterside Inn at Bray near Maidenhead. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. We got the best table overlooking the river Thames. The food was excellent and so was the service. A friend at my bridge club is a great friend of the Roux Brothers who owns the restaurant. Hence we got VIP treatment. Will definitely go there again

19th September 2017

September's London Lord Mayor's gifting day. The event was held at the five star Grange hotel at St. Pauls. I was invited to take part show- casing my jewellery range. A businessman who just landed from Geneva headed towards my stand and bought a lovely anniversary pendant for his lovely wife. Lucky lady! He was very impressed with my designs.

20th September2017

In conjunction with London Fashion Week, I did a catwalk show with six models wearing six stunning pieces of my jewellery. This is the first time I did a proper catwalk show. It was frightening, exhilarating at the same time and rounded with a short speech from me. The evening was supported by my dear friends, Mrs Jimmy Choo, Dr Gabriella of Harley Street, Noreen Peter who is related to the royal family in Pahang, Malaysia and Linda Noor.

27th September 2017

A drinks party by VisaVis Paris in Knightsbridge, London. Met some interesting people there

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