Highlights for July 2017


2nd July 2017

Celebrity Cricket Day for the charity "Wellbeing of Women" in Chippinghurst in Oxfordshire. This event was hosted by Sir Victor Blank

5th July 2017

Dragon Boat open day at the Regent University invited by Jonathan Lui and the Dean of Ai Meng Institute

Then a dash to a dinner at the Satay House in London. Guest of honour was the Malaysian High Commissioner. Yummy authentic Malaysian food. All this was organised by the British Malaysian Society. A society that brings me back to my Malaysian roots. Thanks to Anthony cooper and his team. A delightful gentleman who spends a lot of his time in Malaysia

17th July 2017

A celebration of Hari Raya organised by Linda Noor at Claygate Hall in Esher, Surrey. It was a very formal gathering of friends. No alcohol as most of the guests were Muslim as Hari Raya is a Muslim celebration to mark the end of Ramadan.

29th July 2017

The event "Into the Wild" organised by Krug Champagne was cold and wet but every body was too drunk to notice. The unusual BBQ meat was done by this famous Argentinian Chef and it was delicious. It was feeding of the 280 guests. The champagne kept flowing all evening. My friends Noreen and Linda had a great time too.

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