Highlights for December 2019

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We had an excellent lunch at the new luxury Langley Hotel in Berkshire on 20th December 2019. The building used to be the home of Winston Churchill's great, great, great grandfather. It was recently renovated and opened in July 2019 as a 5 star luxury hotel. The manager showed us round the place. It has excellent decor.

5th December 2019

Drinks and preview of beautiful children's formal wear by two sisters Diana and Sabina at Pont Street. Bumped into Ethan K, the Singaporean who specialises in high end cobra and snake skin embellishment.

7th December 2019

Accompanied by Rebecca (Mrs Jimmy Choo) we visited out friends Dr Chan Cheng and his wife Sherry Kuei. We chatted about Dr Chan Cheng's big donation of his many discerning collection of Chinese artefacts. The Chinese government was so grateful and housed his donations in one museum in his name. Perhaps one day I hope to visit it. Sherry, although a bit poorly in health, was still very bubbly and chatty. We talked about stem cell treatment of all ailments.

8th December 2019

Both Ian and I attended a talk by an American Armand Morin in Wembley

10th December 2019

ASEAN network drinks party at the Shard. The VIP guests were the Ambassadors of Thailand and Vietnam who gave speeches.

13th December 2019

BMS (British Malaysian Society) drinks party at East India private members' club to welcome the British High Commissioner to Malaysia

14th December 2019

A girlies' lunch at Royal China restaurant with Rebecca's (Mrs Jimmy Choo) group of girl friends. Nice food if you order the right dishes

18th December 2019

Business lunch at Pak Chinois restaurant with Grace Bian and owners of the Brand that designs the most amazing children's formal wear. One of their designs sold for £32,000 studded with diamonds, a bespoke order from Dubai.

20th December 2019

Had lunch at the Langley hotel in Berkshire. This used to be the home of Winston Churchill's great great great grandfather. The tasting menu was quite delicious. I would rate this a six star hotel with its very beautiful décor. The manager even took us round viewing the main features of the hotel. A great venue for events.

25th December 2019

May I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone who has touched my heart throughout the years, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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