December 2015


10th December 2015

Met up with Lady Butterworth and her daugher who bought 2 necklaces as Christmas presents. £100 was deducted for the gift card she had won at the British Malaysian Society dinner at the Inner Temple

16th December 2015

Drinks party at the Bridge Club in Burnham. A beautiful Barn built during the Tudor period. Fund raised for Hilliingdon Women's centre. A charity which looks after abused women.

12th December 2015

Attended Frank Sinatra centenary concert at the Royal Festival Hall. It was a Christmas treat from my daughter. My husband had to attend a phographic event sponsored by the Royal Photographic Society. We all met up in the evening for dinner at the Meridian Hotel in Picadilly. Treated by Mike Lucas, Tracey's friend.

20th December 2015

Lunch at Nopi restaurant. Sampled the famous chef Yotam Ottolenghi's middle Eastern food. It's healthy and simply delicious.

25th December 2015

Christmas was spent with my sister's family in Herefordshire. A period of cooking, eating and just being grounded.

31st December 2015

Attended the Vienna Waltz Gala at the Barbican. Had a pre theatre dinner at Cote. The dinner was delicious.

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December 2015