Highlights from September 2019

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Lady Hale, U.K. Supreme court justice wearing her eye catching spider brooch when she was giving the supreme court's ruling on the proroguing of parliament on 24 September 2019

1st Sept 2019

Polo match at Private Ham club in Richmond. The Hong Kong team vs the Horse Guards. The Hong Kong team won.
Donated a chameleon necklace to the charity raffle. The winning bid was won by Raj Matharu from the 5 star Grange Hotel group.
His winning bid was £650 and a surprise gift to one lucky lady.

19th Sept 2019

Drinks at Christian Louboutin shoe shop in Mount Street. The famous shoe designer with the iconic red soles. A great evening
sipping champagne and delicious canape.

23rd Sept 2019

Institute of Directors city branch hosted an evening of "Digitisation - shaping tomorrow's city today" which was presented by the
Rt Hon The Lord Mayor of London. The venue was Bank of China in the city.

25th Sept 2019

London Fashion Week in full swing. Guest of Latiff Napoleon to a fashion show at the five star Bentley Hotel. Some lovely
Muslim pieces of couture designed by Norish.

27th Sept 2019

Lady Hale of the UK Supreme Court gave a landmark ruling of constitutional significance on the unlawful proroguing of parliament
on 24th September. In her neat black attire was an eye catching big statement spider brooch which all the fashionistas are now going to
emulate. What with Madeline Albright the first female United States Secretary of State in history reputed to have a collection of around
two hundred brooches. Brooches now are going to be a big fashion item. Watch this space!

I am introducing a fantastic collection of alphabet brooches from A to Z. They are amazing, like a piece of sculpture, using jade, crystals
and pearls. They can be regular stock or if you want to commemorate a special occasion, then bespoke services will be offered using ruby,
sapphire, emeralds and diamonds. Please speak to me of your artistic journal and I will realise your vision for you

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