Highlights for December 2017


3rd December 2017

My first pre-Christmas Champagne drinks party at the 5 star Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London was very well received. Greatly supported by a very niche group of friends, fans and sprinkling of royalty connections. It was a great afternoon. The party ended with everyone connecting with each other, feeling happy, relaxed and of course a bit tipsy with the excellent champagne. What a wonderful way of fund raising for a charity and introducing my very unique range of jewellery especially my Chameleon Necklace.

A very big thank you to all my guests and Nadejda Stoianova, the artist showing her £9000 picture. Prince Kyril of Bulgaria is her keen supporter and we are all invited to her opening show and to be introduced to him. Paab, the handbag person is founder and designer of the £6000 hand bag which is soon to be launched in Harrods, London in the not too distant future.

4th December 2017

Guest of Mei Sim Lai at the Shepherd Restaurant in Westminster. This restaurant is a favourite amongst the members of parliament. Amongst Mei Sim's guest were Alexander Chin and her husband Peter. They are from Sabah and doing a whistle stop in London.

5th December 2017

Champagne and Cavair soiree in Mayfair London. An invite from Backes and Strauss, Masters of diamond watches of great refinement touching a million pounds a pop! Like my jewellery range it is a very niche market appealing to a very niche group of people who have fantastic taste and collectors of unique and hard to find works of art.

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