Highlights for March 2019


5th March 2019

Was invited by Zehan Albakin to the Indonesian Embassy for Women's International Day. Great women's talk and lovely Indonesian food.
I also brought my girl friend Saedah who enjoyed the evening.

8th March 2019

Attended the property event by Re-consult and Data Seth Yap. They brought over some excellent property deals.
Any takers? Just contact me. With the exchange range of £1 to 5.33 Malaysian Ringgit, a £1million property is easily accessible

9th March 2019

Ming Ai Spring Festival reception. A good display of Chinese artistry in singing, especially the 6 year old girl who sang like a pro

12March 2019

A dinner theme. "Crazy Rich Asians" was organised at the Mango tree restaurant. Nearly 100 guests turned up in their finery

14th March 2019

Lunch at Park Chinois with my PR friend Sally. We were served by Roberto. One of the dishes ordered was really a winner. It is an
Italian dish Carbonara but cooked in Chinese style. I could go back and eat this dish anytime!

19th March 2019

An evening out at Madam Tussauds and the Planetarium. Invited by Mr F.T. Chin. Rebecca Choo (Jimmy Choo's wife), Wendy and Teddy Chen
were also in the party. It was great fun with bubbly and canape and taking photographs with the famous wax people

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