Highlights from October 2016


10th Oct 2016

Networking in the city with Dame Fiona Woolf, former Lord Mayor of London, fund raising for the Lord Mayor's gifting day.

14th-16th Oct 2016

Brighton's entrepreneur Millionaire Boot Camp which was organised by Andrew Reynolds on Internet Marketing. It was quite mind blowing.

18th Oct 2016

An autumn piano recital given by Di Xiao. A Chinese pianist of international repute. She was even invited to perform for the Malaysian Royal family in Kuala Lumpur.

A delightful evening of superb performance with great support by the Chinese Embassy.

19th Oct 2016

Our friends Mr & Mrs John Martin invited us to the Poppy Opera Dinner at the RAC. A great Black Tie evening with excellent opera singing in between dinner courses.

24th Oct 2016

Civic evening drinks at Glazier Hall Art Fair. It is a large room hung with three magnificent chandeliers. Meeting co-exhibitors as well as guests.

25/26 Oct 2016

Glazier Art Fair which is associated with the worshipful company of Glaziers and Glazier Hall is the home of the Glazier Foundation Charity.

One exhibitor flew in all the way from Utah, USA exhibiting a magnificent stain glass window valued at $2.7 million with 6 panels. It was titled "The root of knowledge"

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