Highlights for May 2017


3rd May 2017

A big gala dinner at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects). The event was hosted by Resolution Property to fund raise for the charity "Working with men", a charity set up to help young men who are going through a vulnerable stage in life. There was a Q & A session with Grayson Perry[ orchestrated by James Mates, ITN broadcaster. My Chameleon Necklace raised £2000 for the charity. The food was delicious and the company great. Baroness Benjamin offered an impromptu dinner for two at the House of Lords. It fetched a £900 bid from a generous chap. All in all a truly great evening of such generosity.

5th May 2017

I was at Julian White's champagne tasting party at the Millennium Hotel in London. A beautiful conservatory room right at the top. If it had been a starry night it would have been great. Next time perhaps Julian!

31st May 2017

Lunch with Pat Dunhill in Knightsbridge. Just across the restaurant is the Loubotin shoe shop. A big group of tourist shepherded by a tour guide was admiring the shoes in the window.

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