Highlights for April 2019

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Nuraiza (left) wearing one of my latest design necklace and posing with the other judges during the Mrs India Pageant at the Hilton London.

14 April 2019

I was invited to be a judge for the Mrs India Pageant at the Hilton London. It was my first experience to be in the midst of a beauty
pageant, let alone to be invited to be a judge. It was truly intriguing. Whoever started this deserves a big pat on the back as it is now a global
event filtering from Mrs to all the different countries and the grand finale is Mrs Universe.

Mrs Aditi Gupta is the founder of Mrs India and Mrs Nuraiza Knuettel is the founder of Mrs Eurasia. I also met Hannah who is in charge of Mrs Universe.

The empowerment of womankind is gathering momentum globally. No more meek and mild housewives whose lives are just centred around husbands
and children. These contestants are beautiful and career driven women with a voice to speak for and of world issues and how they can play a part to address them.
The persons who created this platform deserves a big thank you from all womankind. I am sure in years to come they will be on a par with the Miss World and Miss Universe.

19 April 2019

This is the Easter holidays. May I wish one an all a very Happy Easter.

On Saturday we met up with friends from Malaysia for a lovely Dim Sum lunch at Imperial China. The food is very good. Even our guests who comes for
Penang says that the Dim Sum in England is very good. My husband and I even tried Dai Tin Fung, a Taiwanese restaurant in Covent Gardens, London.
Not bad but I still prefer the Cantonese style Dim Sum.

30 April 2019

An invitation bu Lutfi Talib, President of Singapore Business Group to the prestigious Lincoln's Inn. A property event hosted by Edwin Coe LLP law firm.
There is a £ billion project in the making of the Battersea Power House. A truly huge and exciting project with involvement of some Malaysian Developers
and sponsors. Even Apple Computers has pre booked units to be their London H.Q. The year 2020 would see some fantastic fruition.

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